Ride In The Whirlwind



Jack Nicholson stars in this timeless cult classic, written and produced by Nicholson this western tells the tale of how an innocent man becomes an outlaw. Wes, Vern and Otis are three cowhands on the way to a cattle drive. Coming upon what is to be an omen of their future... an outlaw hung by a group of vigilantes...the trio finds shelter at a cabin, only to discover that their "hosts" are men who have robbed a stagecoach and killed the guard. When an avenging posse attacks the cabin, Wes and Vern escape, only to find that they have become branded as 'outlaws' by the posse, who relentlessly pursue them.

Starring: Jack Nicholson, Cameron Mitchell, Millie Perkins, Harry Dean Stanton

Directed By: Monte Hellman,Monte Hellman

Written By: Jack Nicholson