Aba's Dance



Aba's Dance is a contemporary story of two different cultures. Aba arrives in New York City to discover that her only relative living in America has been incarcerated. Faced with the uncertainty of nowhere to live, she is befriended by a fellow countryman. He introduces her to one of his friends Rita who has a room to rent. Through living together, Aba and Rita discover that they share similar aspirations. They learn that their mutual plight is a search for the American dream. This movie presents the viewer with a deeper appreciation of the role that culture plays in a modern urban society, while exploring the universal bonds of sisterhood and the power of dreams. Aba's Dance shows that dreams really can come true.

Starring: Lily Alphonsis, Evelyn Rojas, Chiko Mendez, Maria Reyes

Directed By: Ralph Johnson

Written By: Ralph Johnson